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The Follow, Spalding, Linda
The Follow
Spalding, Linda
3.50 GBP

The Brown Rat, Twigg, Graham
The Brown Rat
Twigg, Graham
6.50 GBP

British Bats, Vesey-Fitzgerald, Brian
British Bats
Vesey-Fitzgerald, Brian
4.00 GBP

British Mammals, Matthews,  L. Harrison
British Mammals
Matthews, L. Harrison
3.50 GBP

Unearthing the Urban Fox, Williams, Trevor & Wilson, Andrew (edited by John Bryant)
Unearthing the Urban Fox
Williams, Trevor & Wilson, Andrew (edited by John Bryant)
6.00 GBP

L'Evolution des Vertebres Inferieurs, Lehman, J.P.
L'Evolution des Vertebres Inferieurs
Lehman, J.P.
12.50 GBP

Rats and Mice as Enemies of Mankind, HINTON, M.A.C.
Rats and Mice as Enemies of Mankind
3.00 GBP

Echoes of Bats and Men, Griffin, Donald R.
Echoes of Bats and Men
Griffin, Donald R.
3.00 GBP


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Polar Bears. Proceedings of the Ninth Working Meeting of the IUCN/SSC Specialist Group, 1985  [Richard Fitter's copy]
1 Polar Bears. Proceedings of the Ninth Working Meeting of the IUCN/SSC Specialist Group, 1985 [Richard Fitter's copy]
Cambridge IUCN 1986 2880323088 / 9782880323080 Paperback Very Good 
Slim 8vo, pp 152, paperback, fore-edge marked otherwise a very good copy. [From the library of the naturalist and conservationist Richard Fitter, with his stamp on the front endpaper.] 
Price: 6.50 GBP
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British Bats (New Naturalist 93), Altringham, John
2 Altringham, John British Bats (New Naturalist 93)
London Harper Collins 2003 0002201402 / 9780002201407 First Edition Cloth Good Very Good 
First edition. Illustrated, pp 218, there is just slight suggestion of creasing to the fold-over flaps of the dustwrapper, there are three tiny bruises to the top edge of the rear cover, and these also affect the dustwrapper slightly, otherwise an excellent copy in unfaded dustwrapper. [Bats are arguably the most successful and diverse mammals ever to evolve. In Britain, one in three of our native land mammals is a bat. Their ecology and behaviour is fascinating. Few mammals live closer to humans; in fact many species roost unnoticed in our homes, and some are now almost entirely dependent on man-made structures for their survival. Bats are the only mammals capable of powered flight. They are also one of just two groups which have a sophisticated echolocation system (the other being the dolphins and their relatives). In this book, John Altringham discusses all the different aspects of the natural history of bats, from their origins and evolution to their behaviour, feeding habits and reproduction. He also discusses the threats to the survival of bats, and how we are working to conserve them. Finally, he gives an account of how to watch and study bats in the wild.] 
Price: 100.00 GBP
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The Kangaroo, Archer, Michael
3 Archer, Michael The Kangaroo
McMahons Point Kevin Weldon 1985 0949708224 / 9780949708229 First Edition Pictorial Cloth Very Good 
Very well illustrated, small folio, pp 263. very clean internally. red cloth with pictorial inlay, slightly worn, binding leaning slightly. [Very heavy - extra postage may be necessary] 
Price: 12.50 GBP
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Atlas of Mammals in Britain, Arnold, H.R.
4 Arnold, H.R. Atlas of Mammals in Britain
London HMSO (Natural Environment Research Council) 1993 0117016675 / 9780117016675 Paperback Very Good 
Tall quarto, pp 145, many distribution maps, very clean internally, paperback, covers very slightly age-toned and very slightly worn. 
Price: 16.50 GBP
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The Exultant Ark - a pictorial tour of animal pleasure, Balcombe, Jonathan
5 Balcombe, Jonathan The Exultant Ark - a pictorial tour of animal pleasure
Berkeley University of California Press 2011 0520260244 / 9780520260245 Cloth As New Very Good 
Very well illustrated, quarto, pp x, 214, a very good copy in a dustwrapper showing only the very faintest signs of use. [Nature documentaries often depict animal life as a grim struggle for survival, but this visually stunning book opens our eyes to a different, more scientifically up-to-date way of looking at the animal kingdom. In more than one hundred thirty striking images, "The Exultant Ark" celebrates the full range of animal experience with dramatic portraits of animal pleasure ranging from the charismatic and familiar to the obscure and bizarre. These photographs, windows onto the inner lives of pleasure seekers, show two polar bears engaged in a bout of wrestling, hoary marmots taking time for a friendly chase, Japanese macaques enjoying a soak in a hot spring, a young bull elk sticking out his tongue to catch snowflakes, and many other rewarding moments. Biologist and best-selling author Jonathan Balcombe is our guide, interpreting the images within the scientific context of what is known about animal behavior. In the end, old attitudes fall away as we gain a heightened sense of animal individuality and of the pleasures that make life worth living for all sentient beings.] 
Price: 15.00 GBP
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Natural History in Zoological Gardens, being some account ov vertebrated animals, with special reference to those usually to be seen in the Zoological Society's Gardens in London and similar institutions, Beddard, Frank E.
6 Beddard, Frank E. Natural History in Zoological Gardens, being some account ov vertebrated animals, with special reference to those usually to be seen in the Zoological Society's Gardens in London and similar institutions
London Constable & Company 1909 Decorative Cloth Good Winifred Austin 
Second ("cheaper") reissue. With photographic plates and line drawings within the text by Gambier Bolton and Winifred Austin, pp x, 310, uncut, slight adhesion markes on title pages with very tiny loss of the printed surface, contemporary inscription on front endpaper, otherwise very clean internally, red decorated cloth, slightly worn and marked, spine very slightly faded. 
Price: 30.00 GBP
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The Natural History of Orang-utan, BENNETT, Elisabeth L.
7 BENNETT, Elisabeth L. The Natural History of Orang-utan
Kota Kinabalu 2006 9838120685 / 9789838120685 Paperback New 
NEW. Well illustrated, small slim 8vo, pp x, 89, paperback, a very good copy. [The name “orang-utan” conjures up very different images to different people: shy, elusive man of the forest; a tantalising glimpse into unknown worlds of the jungles of the Far East; an endearing, appealing and amusing star of popular movies; the highlight of a visit to the zoo. But what is the true nature of the orang-utan? It is in the record book for several reasons: it is one of our closest relatives; it is the largest primate in Asia; and is the largest tree-dwelling animal in the world. Once more widespread, the orang-utan now occurs only in the tropical rain forests of Sumatra and Borneo, and its range and numbers are still shrinking rapidly. This richly illustrated book takes us into the natural world of the orang-utan and its rain forest home. It explores all aspects of the orang-utan’s life, from myths and legends to its family tree, distribution, life history, ecology, social life, tool-making and language skills, through to its conservation and future prospects.] 
Price: 12.50 GBP
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Proboscis Monkeys of Borneo, Bennett, Elizabeth L.
8 Bennett, Elizabeth L. Proboscis Monkeys of Borneo
Kota Kinabalu 2013 9838121398 / 9789838121392 Second edition Paperback New 
Second edition. Illustrated, pp vi, 82, papeback, a very good copy. [The proboscis monkey, one of Borneo's most famous wild creatures, is mainly found in coastal swamp forests and does not occur anywhere else in the world. A great fascination for travellers throughout the past two centuries and today's concerned scientists and conservationists, the proboscis monkey is a most unique and peculiar mammal. This book helps explain the proboscis monkey's social organisation, habits, biology, restricted distribution and conservation needs and contains some of the best and most dramatic colour photographs of this species in its natural surroundings. Proboscis monkeys have been making spectacular first impressions on people for a long time. Early naturalists could not agree, though, whether the animals were amazingly wonderful or amazingly grotesque. One of the earliest reports of proboscis monkeys in the wild came from British officer Hugh Low. As long ago as 1848, he said that the proboscis monkey "is remarkable for its very long nose; it is a very fine monkey, in size approaching the orang-utan, but much less disgusting in appearance". Another early explorer-naturalist, Odoardo Beccari, obviously had somewhat mixed feelings about the animals. On the one hand, he said that "the long-nosed ape is of singular and ridiculous aspect", but went on "Why amongst all apes, this one should be provided with a long, prominent and fleshy nose, somewhat hooked at its extremity, it is hard to say. According to Darwinian theory, it might possibly be attributed to sexual selection. If such were the case, we might, perhaps, congratulate the monkey on its good taste".] 
Price: 9.50 GBP
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The African Elephant   [Richard Fitter's copy], Bere, Rennie
9 Bere, Rennie The African Elephant [Richard Fitter's copy]
London Arthur Barker 1966 First Edition Cloth Very Good Very Good 
Illustrated, large 8vo, pp 96, a good copy in a dustwrapper which is showing only the faintest signs of use, with very faint foxing and a crease to the front foldover flap. [From the library of the naturalist and conservationist Richard Fitter, with his stamp on the front endpaper.] 
Price: 8.50 GBP
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10 Bernor, Raymond L., Fahlbusch, Volker, & Mittmann, Hans-Walter The Evolution of Western Eurasian Neogene Mammal Faunas
New York Columbia University Press 1996 0231082460 / 9780231082464 Cloth As New As New 
Illustrated, small quarto, pp 487, a good copy in dustwrapper. NEW. [This is the first work to present findings on factors in the turnover or transformation of faunas and floras in various regions throughout the neogene period.] 
Price: 18.50 GBP
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Wake of the Whale, Brower, Kenneth
11 Brower, Kenneth Wake of the Whale
New York, London, Paris Friends of the Earth 1979 009140360x / 9780091403607 First Edition Cloth Very Good Very Slightly Worn 
Very well illustrated, small folio, pp 160, a very good copy in a dustwrapper showing very slight signs of wear. 
Price: 12.50 GBP
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Los Mamiferos de Chamela Jalisco, Ceballos, Gerardo & Miranda, Alvaro
12 Ceballos, Gerardo & Miranda, Alvaro Los Mamiferos de Chamela Jalisco
Mexico Instituto de Biologia 1986 9683602568 / 9789683602565 First Edition Paperback Very Good 
Illustrated, small octavo, pp 436, very clean internally, paperback, covers a little worn and creased. [Very scarce - the edition was limited to 1000 copies] Spanish text. 
Price: 35.00 GBP
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Baboon Metaphysics - the evolution of a social mind, Cheney, Dorothy L. & Seyfarth, Robert M.
13 Cheney, Dorothy L. & Seyfarth, Robert M. Baboon Metaphysics - the evolution of a social mind
The University of Chicago Press 2007 0226102432 / 9780226102436 First Edition Cloth Very Good Very Good 
A few illustrations, large 8vo, pp x, 348, a very good copy in dustwrapper. [n 1838 Charles Darwin jotted in a notebook, "He who understands baboon would do more towards metaphysics than Locke.". Baboon Metaphysics is Dorothy L. Cheney and Robert M. Seyfarth’s fascinating response to Darwin’s challenge. Cheney and Seyfarth set up camp in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, where they could intimately observe baboons and their social world. Baboons live in groups of up to 150, including a handful of males and eight or nine matrilineal families of females. Such numbers force baboons to form a complicated mix of short-term bonds for mating and longer-term friendships based on careful calculations of status and individual need. But Baboon Metaphysics is concerned with much more than just baboons’ social organization—Cheney and Seyfarth aim to fully comprehend the intelligence that underlies it. Using innovative field experiments, the authors learn that for baboons, just as for humans, family and friends hold the key to mitigating the ill effects of grief, stress, and anxiety. Written with a scientist’s precision and a nature-lover’s eye, Baboon Metaphysics gives us an unprecedented and compelling glimpse into the mind of another species.] 
Price: 11.50 GBP
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The Hormones in Human Reproduction, Corner, George W.
14 Corner, George W. The Hormones in Human Reproduction
Princeton University Press 1946 Cloth Good 
Third printing, 1946. Illustrated with line drawings and photographs throughout the text, small octavo, pp xx, 265, endpapers slightly marked, a neat name and date on the front endpaper, fore-edge slightly foxed, otherwise clean internally, cloth slightly dull, slightly worn and marked. 
Price: 5.00 GBP
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15 DASMANN, Raymond F. African Game Ranching
Oxford Pergamon Press 1964 
A few text illustrations, small slim 8vo, pp x, 75, soft card covers, very slightly worn. [From the library of the naturalist and conservationist Richard Fitter]. 
Price: 4.00 GBP
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ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE ANIMAL WORLD - a rare complete set of 21 parts, De Beer, Sir Gavin; Burton, Robert & Maurice; Bourliere, Francois (et al) (editors)
16 De Beer, Sir Gavin; Burton, Robert & Maurice; Bourliere, Francois (et al) (editors) ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE ANIMAL WORLD - a rare complete set of 21 parts
J & H International Corporation 1972 First Edition Pictorial laminated boards Good 
Very well illustrated, slim quarto, 21 volumes, pp 2032, pictorial laminated boards, a few spine heads pulled, but otherwise only very slightly worn.Complete sets seem to be very scarce. [A detailed work, and quite scientific in-depth accounts. This is far more than a "popular" work. A glance at a few consecutive pages at random show : prawns, precious coral, predation, preen gland, powder post beetles, pratincoles, potto, potoo, priapulus, primates, prions, problem solving, proboscis monkey, proconsul, pronghorn antelopes, proteidae etc.]. Very heavy - extra postage will be required. 
Price: 25.00 GBP
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Introduction a l'Etude Systematique des Vertebres, Devillers, Ch.
17 Devillers, Ch. Introduction a l'Etude Systematique des Vertebres
Paris Doin 1973 Paperback Good 
Small square 8vo, pp 116, papderback, covers slightly worn and a little faded, neat name and date on front endpaper, otherwise a good sound copy. 
Price: 5.00 GBP
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18 Ellerman, J.R. & Morrison-Scott, T.C.S. Checklist of Palaearctic and Indian Mammals, 1758 to 1946
London Trustees of the British Museum 1951 
Thick quarto, pp (2), 810, folding map, amendment slip loosely inserted, buckram a little rubbed, morocco spine label chipped, a duplicate from the British Museum with cancellation stamps (including one on upper cover).From the library of the naturalist and conservationist Richard Fitter. 
Price: 27.50 GBP
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19 ELLERMAN, J.R., MORRISON-SCOTT, T.C.S. & HAYMAN, R.W. Southern African Mammals 1758 to 1951 : a Reclassification
London Trustees of the British Museum 1953 
Three maps, quarto, pp 363, morocco label on spine, buckram slightly faded, otherwise a good bright copy. From the library of the naturalist and conservationist Richard Fitter. 
Price: 15.00 GBP
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Social Behaviour and Organization Among Vertebrates, Etkin, William (editor)
20 Etkin, William (editor) Social Behaviour and Organization Among Vertebrates
The University of Chicago Press 1967 Cloth Very Good 
Third impression. Illustrated with line drawings, octavo, pp 307, endpapers slightly browned, otherwise very clean internally, cloth slightly marked and spottes, spine slightly faded, otherwise very good and sound. 
Price: 4.50 GBP
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