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British Bats (New Naturalist 93), Altringham, John
British Bats (New Naturalist 93)
Altringham, John
100.00 GBP

Seashore (New Naturalist 94), Hayward, Peter J.
Seashore (New Naturalist 94)
Hayward, Peter J.
40.00 GBP

Dartmoor - a statement of its time (New Naturalist 111), Mercer, Ian
Dartmoor - a statement of its time (New Naturalist 111)
Mercer, Ian
42.50 GBP

Birds and Men - the bird life of British towns, villages, gardens and farmland, Nicholson, E.M.
Birds and Men - the bird life of British towns, villages, gardens and farmland
Nicholson, E.M.
7.50 GBP

A Natural History of Man in Britain - conceived as a  study of changing relations between man and the environments, Fleure, H.J.
A Natural History of Man in Britain - conceived as a study of changing relations between man and the environments
Fleure, H.J.
12.50 GBP

Loch Lomondside, Mitchell, John
Loch Lomondside
Mitchell, John
40.00 GBP

The New Naturalists, Marren, Peter
The New Naturalists
Marren, Peter
100.00 GBP

British Mammals, Matthews,  L. Harrison
British Mammals
Matthews, L. Harrison
3.50 GBP


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Books and Naturalists (New Naturalist 112], Allen, David Elliston
1 Allen, David Elliston Books and Naturalists (New Naturalist 112]
London Collins 2010 0007240848 / 9780007240845 Hard Cover New New 
FIRST EDITION. Well illustrated, pp xiv, 496, a very good copy in dustwrapper. [A highly detailed history of the book trade and authors within the field of natural history. Of great interest and value to collectors.] 
Price: 37.80 GBP
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British Bats (New Naturalist 93), Altringham, John
2 Altringham, John British Bats (New Naturalist 93)
London Harper Collins 2003 0002201402 / 9780002201407 First Edition Cloth Good Very Good 
First edition. Illustrated, pp 218, there is just slight suggestion of creasing to the fold-over flaps of the dustwrapper, there are three tiny bruises to the top edge of the rear cover, and these also affect the dustwrapper slightly, otherwise an excellent copy in unfaded dustwrapper. [Bats are arguably the most successful and diverse mammals ever to evolve. In Britain, one in three of our native land mammals is a bat. Their ecology and behaviour is fascinating. Few mammals live closer to humans; in fact many species roost unnoticed in our homes, and some are now almost entirely dependent on man-made structures for their survival. Bats are the only mammals capable of powered flight. They are also one of just two groups which have a sophisticated echolocation system (the other being the dolphins and their relatives). In this book, John Altringham discusses all the different aspects of the natural history of bats, from their origins and evolution to their behaviour, feeding habits and reproduction. He also discusses the threats to the survival of bats, and how we are working to conserve them. Finally, he gives an account of how to watch and study bats in the wild.] 
Price: 100.00 GBP
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The Natural History of Islands (New Naturalist 109), Berry, R.J.
3 Berry, R.J. The Natural History of Islands (New Naturalist 109)
London Collins 2009 0007267371 / 9780007267378 First Edition Hard Cover New New 
FIRST EDITION. NEW. Illustrated, pp xiv, 384, a very good copy in dustwrapper. In publisher's shrinkwrap 
Price: 47.50 GBP
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A History of Ornithology (New Naturalist 104), Bircham, Peter
4 Bircham, Peter A History of Ornithology (New Naturalist 104)
London Collins 2007 0007199694 / 9780007199693 First Edition Hard Cover New New 
FIRST EDITION. Illustrated, pp xii, 482, an excellent copy in dustwrapper. [Today the RSPB has over one million members, reflecting the huge interest in birdwatching as a hobby. Over the years the growth in amateur birdwatchers has contributed enormously to our understanding of bird life, behaviour and populations. But what did we know about birds a thousand years ago and how has our understanding developed? Which species did we recognise, and when did people begin to record their sightings? Peter Bircham looks at the history of British ornithology from 1066 to the mid-1970s, exploring along the way the first bird book, the first British lists, the collectors, the first studies of migration, changes to the classification of species, the birth of the British Ornithologists' Union in 1858, to our current understanding of ornithology in Britain today. Peter has written an extremely authoritative and engrossing account, full of fascinating stories and extracts from poems and journals, which should appeal to the wider birding community as well as the New Naturalist audience.] 
Price: 27.00 GBP
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The Art of Botanical Illustration, Blunt, Wilfrid
5 Blunt, Wilfrid The Art of Botanical Illustration
London Collins 1971 0002130025 / 9780002130028 First Edition Cloth Very Good Slightly worn and frayed 
1971 reprint. Illustrated, large 8vo, pp xxxii, 304, a neat convent library stamp and number on front endpaper, traces of two labels removed, otherwise very clean internally, cloth in excellent condition, in a dustwrapper which is not price-clipped but which is creased, torn and repaired with sellotape, lacking several small pieces, and now preserved in a removable plastic film. 
Price: 10.00 GBP
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The Hebrides - a natural history, Boyd, J.Morton & Boyd, Ian L.
6 Boyd, J.Morton & Boyd, Ian L. The Hebrides - a natural history
London Collins 1990 0002198851 / 9780002198851 Paperback Very Good 
Illustrated, thick 8vo, pp 416, paperback, the slightest signs of wear, but really a very good copy. SCARCE. [The Hebrides is an area of great natural beauty, which draws back thousands of visitors year after year to its wonderful scenery and abundant wildlife. Yet, until now, there has been no up-to-date, complete natural history for its many followers to refer to. This new title fills the gap. In a style at once both readable and informative the Drs. J. M. and I. L. Boyd cover every aspect of the islands. Starting with a clear explanation of the geology, climate and hydrography, they move on to a fascinating description of the many varies habitats, from the sea and inland waters through to woodlands and moor and hill. Part II deals with the characteristics of individual islands and their species, while in part III the islands are discussed in the context of their relation to people - starting with the old naturalists, and ending on a topical note with the current interest in conservation. 
Price: 75.00 GBP
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Garden Natural History (New Naturalist 102), Buczacki, Stefan
7 Buczacki, Stefan Garden Natural History (New Naturalist 102)
London Collins 2007 0007139934 / 9780007139934 First Edition Hard Cover New New 
FIRST EDITION. Illustrated, pp x, 324, an excellent copy in dustwrapper. Still in the publisher's original shrinkwrap. [The author takes a broad look at the relatively unexplored world of the garden, and its relevance within the context of natural history overall. Though gardens are often viewed merely as artificial creations rather than easily accessible places to observe and encourage wildlife, ‘Garden Natural History’ rectifies this misconception. By viewing gardens within the wider context of the British ecological landscape, Buczacki follows the garden's development as a habitat within which vertebrates, invertebrates and native and alien plants alike have been introduced and to which they have adapted. ‘Garden Natural History’ offers a fascinating insight into the diversity of organisms and ecological processes that constitute the garden, whilst also highlighting the role of the gardener as conservator and showing how the garden can inspire all naturalists.] 
Price: 28.50 GBP
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Wildfowl (New Naturalist 110), Cabot, David
8 Cabot, David Wildfowl (New Naturalist 110)
London Collins 2009 0007146582 / 9780007146581 First Edition Hard Cover New New 
FIRST EDITION. Illustrated, pp viv, 460, a very good copy in dustwrapper. [Provides a much-anticipated overview of the fascinating birds that have become icons of our diminishing wilderness areas. Wildfowl swans, geese and ducks have been the subject of poetry, fables, folklore and music, and a source of inspiration to writers, artists, historians and naturalists alike. Historically, they have featured prominently in our diet; more recently they have become the most widely domesticated group of birds. Wildfowl have been scientifically studied more intensively than any other group of birds and were one of the first groups to highlight more general issues of conservation. Their status as the most popular group of birds is underlined by the success of the original Wildfowl Trust (now the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust). David Cabot has been obsessed with wildfowl for nearly sixty years. In this seminal new work, he discusses the 56 species of wildfowl that have been recorded either in a natural state, or that have been introduced and now maintain self-sustaining populations in Britain and Ireland. He focuses on their social behaviour, feeding ecology and population dynamics, and in particular their seasonal migration patterns. He also explores the evolution and history of wildfowl and our long relationship with them, through popular mythology and legends, which continue to fascinate us with a sense of mystery and awe. 
Price: 37.95 GBP
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Dragonflies (New Naturalist 106), Corbet, Philip & Brooks, Stephen
9 Corbet, Philip & Brooks, Stephen Dragonflies (New Naturalist 106)
London Collins 2008 8790007151684 First Edition Hard Cover New New 
FIRST EDITION. Illustrated, pp xvi, (2), 454, an excellent copy in dustwrapper, still shrinkwrapped. [In this seminal new work, Philip Corbet and Stephen Brooks examine the behaviour, ecology and distribution of dragonflies in Britain and Ireland, placing emphasis on the insects' habitats and also on measures needed to conserve them. Published in 1960 with Philip Corbet as contributing author volume 41 of the New Naturalist series provided the first in-depth study of the biology of British dragonflies, helping to inspire many people to take an interest in these intriguing insects. In this new volume, Corbet has teamed up with Stephen Brooks, offering a fascinating new outlook on the natural history of dragonflies. The authors have combined their knowledge and experience to help illuminate the relevance of British dragonfly species, placing them in the overall context of natural history from a broader, worldwide perspective. Illustrated with beautiful photography throughout, New Naturalist Dragonflies explores all aspects of the biological significance of dragonfly behaviour, thus revealing the beauty and hidden complexity of these powerful, agile, flying predators.] 
Price: 27.95 GBP
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The Highlands and Islands (New Naturalist), Darling, F. Fraser & Morton Boyd, J.
10 Darling, F. Fraser & Morton Boyd, J. The Highlands and Islands (New Naturalist)
London Collins 1964 First Edition Cloth Good 
FIRST EDITION. Illustrated, pp xvi, 336, no dustwrapper., spine faded, cloth slightly marked and rubbed. [The Highlands and Islands of Scotland are rugged moorland, alpine mountains and jagged coast with remarkable natural history, including relict and specialised animals and plants. Here are animals in really large numbers: St. Kilda with its sea-birds, North Rona its seals, Islay its wintering geese, rivers and lochs with their spawning salmon and trout, the ubiquitous midges! This is big country with red deer, wildcat, pine marten, badger, otter, fox, ermine, golden eagle, osprey, raven, peregrine, grey lag, divers, phalaropes, capercaillie and ptarmigan. Off-shore are killer whales and basking sharks. Here too in large scale interaction is forestry, sheep farming, sport, tourism and wild life conservation.] 
Price: 3.00 GBP
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The Soil, Davis, B.; Walker, N.; Ball, D. & Fitter, A.
11 Davis, B.; Walker, N.; Ball, D. & Fitter, A. The Soil
London Harper Collins 1992 0021199041 Paperback Very Good 
Illustrated, small 8vo, pp 192, paperback, spine slightly faded otherwise a very good copy. [The soil is the work place of farmers and gardeners, but it is also a fascinating environment inhabited by insects that can leap into the air to a record height, multilegged scavengers that are vital to the decomposition of plant matter and the long, thin, entwining strands of thousands of species of fungi. Although soil plays a vital role in the functioning of the world, it has often been overlooked, mainly because it contains a huge range of different fields, all of which have become specialities in their own right. This book brings together specialists in these fields to give a broad overview of the staggering advances that have been made since Sir John Russel's The World Of Soil was published in 1947. The first two chapters introduce the physical structure of the soil. The next four chapters deal with the specific animals and plants and how they exploit this environment. The final four chapters describe how these animals interact and how man has used and abused the soil in his striving to gain more and more from this resource.] 
Price: 12.50 GBP
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A Natural History of Man in Britain - conceived as a  study of changing relations between man and the environments, Fleure, H.J.
12 Fleure, H.J. A Natural History of Man in Britain - conceived as a study of changing relations between man and the environments
London Collins 1970 0002131536 / 9780002131537 Revised edition Cloth Very Good Very Slightly Worn 
Revised edition. Illustrated, pp 320, exceptionally clean internally, green cloth, upper corners very slightly bumped, otherwise very bright and clean; the dustwrapper is price-clipped and very slightly age-toned but otherwise only showing the slightest signs of wear, and is now nicely protected in a removable plastic film. [This revised edition seems to be quite scarce] 
Price: 12.50 GBP
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Seashore (New Naturalist 94), Hayward, Peter J.
13 Hayward, Peter J. Seashore (New Naturalist 94)
London Harper Collins 2004 0002200309 / 9780002200301 First Edition Cloth New New 
First edition. Illustrated, large 8vo, pp 288, a very good new copy in an unfaded dustwrapper. [The seashore, with its endlessly changing tides, is one of the most fluctuating physical environments on the planet. Home to an abundance of animal and plant life, it is also one of the richest habitats the naturalist can explore. Here in Britain, we are fortunate to have a long and varied coastline, and our relatively large tidal ranges mean that our seashore offers a wide range of coastal habitats, including mud, sand, shingle and rock. In New Naturalist Seashore, Peter Hayward looks at: resident and migrant species, including fish, barnacles, limpets, winkles, sponges, algae, lichens and sea grasses; The effects of tourism and pollution on these habitats; the geology of the British Isles, with its sinking and rising coastlines; the responses and adaptations of plant and animal life to a changing physical environment. This narrow strip of beach between the land and the sea that we call the seashore, has always attracted man, in the early years as a source of food, and in Victorian times as a rich habitat that the early naturalists would explore. In this fascinating addition to the highly regarded New Naturalist series, Peter Hayward brings the natural history of the seashore right up to date.] 
Price: 40.00 GBP
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Moths, Majerus, Michael E. N.
14 Majerus, Michael E. N. Moths
London Harper Collins 2002 0002201410 / 9780002201414 First Edition Cloth New New 
NEW. Illustrated, large 8vo, pp 310, a very good new copy. [A comprehensive account of the diverse natural history of these fascinating and popular insects. Michael Majerus, author of the popular New Naturalist Ladybirds, examines all aspects of moths, from their life histories to their role as pests to humans. He covers their reproduction, feeding, evolution, habitats and conservation. The book also discusses the enemies of moths, and the ways they have evolved to avoid detection, including camouflage, warning coloration, and mimicry. This is the definitive text for the study of these insects, written by an established New Naturalist author.] 
Price: 75.00 GBP
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Nature Conservation - a review of the conservation of wildlife in Britain, 1950 - 2001 (New Naturalist 91), Marren, Peter
15 Marren, Peter Nature Conservation - a review of the conservation of wildlife in Britain, 1950 - 2001 (New Naturalist 91)
London Harper Collins 2002 0007113056 / 9780007113057 First Edition Cloth New New 
First edition. Illustrated, large 8vo, pp 344, a very good new copy in an unfaded dustwrapper. [As our environment is subjected to increasing assault from climatic changes and pollutants, conservation has become a growing concern for both specialists and generalists alike. The first chapter of this book considers the political and institutional development of nature conservation and reviews the physical and biological nature of Britain, its geology, climate and wildlife habitats. Subsequent chapters cover the loss of habitats and species, how these losses have been managed and the techniques used to survey and monitor the integration of nature conservation policies in industries from agriculture to forestry and fisheries. Marren continues by discussing how nature conservation has emerged from the sidelines to become a major concern. He addresses the role of the media, weighs up the successes and failures of the conservation movement and looks to what the future may hold.] 
Price: 70.00 GBP
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The New Naturalists, Marren, Peter
16 Marren, Peter The New Naturalists
London Harper Collins 2005 0007197160 / 9780007197163 First Edition Cloth New New 
First printing of this Second Edition. Illustrated, large 8vo, pp 363, a very good new copy in unfaded dustwrapper. {In effect, a stunning history of the natural history and conservation movement in Britain since the second world war.}. [A history of the most successful, significant and long-running natural history series in the world. In 1995 Collins published the 82nd volume in the New Naturalist series to coincide with its 50th anniversary. Ten years on, Peter Marren has revised this fascinating account of the series. He covers the illustrious careers of its authors, how each title was conceived and received, and includes plates of the sketches and roughs of the jackets. It also gives behind-the-scenes details of the also-rans and the books-that-never-were. This will appeal to the collector's market - it has a lengthy appendix dedicated to collecting the series with advice on how to spot a good edition, and a star rating according to scarcity - and marked the 60th anniversary of the publication of the first New Naturalist title. Peter Marren is a trained ecologist who worked as a woodland scientist, conservation officer and author-editor with the Natural Conservancy Council between 1977 and 1992. He has written numerous book and articles and contributes regularly to British Wildlife.] 
Price: 42.50 GBP
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The New Naturalists, Marren, Peter
17 Marren, Peter The New Naturalists
London Collins 1995 000219998X / 9780002199988 First Edition Hard Cover New New 
First Edition, with Collins "50 Years" sticker on upper cover, pp 304, a very bright copy in a dustwrapper which is not price-clipped and has no fading. Absolutely fine. 
Price: 125.00 GBP
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The New Naturalists, Marren, Peter
18 Marren, Peter The New Naturalists
London Collins 1995 000219998X / 9780002199988 First Edition Hard Cover As New Very Slightly Worn 
First Edition, with Collins "50 Years" sticker on upper cover, pp 304, a very bright copy in a dustwrapper which is not price-clipped and has no fading but which is very slightly creased at the rear fold-over flap and with a very slight suggestion of age-toning on its rear cover. 
Price: 100.00 GBP
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Art of the New Naturalists - Forms From Nature, Marren, Peter & Gillmor, Robert
19 Marren, Peter & Gillmor, Robert Art of the New Naturalists - Forms From Nature
London Collins 2009 0007284713 / 9780007284719 Pictorial Cloth Very Good 
Reprinted with corrections, 2009. Very well illustrated, quarto, pp x, 310, pictorial cloth, the very slightest signs of use, the wrap=around slip is still present but very slightly curled. [The stunning, specially commissioned cover illustrations are one of the great joys of the New Naturalist series, lending it a distinctive style which has inspired nature enthusiasts for many decades. The series is the longest-running and arguably the most influential natural history series in the world with over 100 volumes published in over 60 years. Throughout the years, the highly characteristic dust jacket illustrations have become iconic, lifting the books to a level of collectibility and increasing the level of admiration for an already well-established and respected series. With early cover illustrations prepared by Clifford and Rosemary Ellis, later and more recent covers have been designed by Robert Gillmor. Featuring prints of the awe-inspiring artwork of the New Naturalists, the book will offer a unique insight into Gillmor’s approach to each subject matter and the intricate and creative way through which he has brought his own distinctive style and craft of printmaking to the New Naturalist series. Marren explores the findings from the Ellis archive, which has thrown up considerable information on how the old covers were developed, approved, in some cases rejected, and then proofed. The Art of the New Naturalists offers a fascinating insight into how the creation of these eminent cover designs has developed and progressed and will be essential reading for everyone interested in the frantic workings behind the seemingly serene collection of artwork that is one of Britain’s iconic book series. 
Price: 30.00 GBP
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British Mammals, Matthews,  L. Harrison
20 Matthews, L. Harrison British Mammals
London Readers Union / Collins 1960 Cloth Very Good 
Well illustrated, octavo, pp xii, 410, a tiny suggestion of foxing to the fore-edge and the endpapers, otherwise an exceptionally clean copy internally, green cloth in very good condition. A very pleaseing copy. [The study of our mammals during the present century has been wide and intensive. On the whole it has been conducted by workers who are general naturalists, ecologists, anatomists, physiologists - but not purely mammalogists. Dr. Matthews himself is a general naturalist of wide experience and distinction, but here he has done what British natural history has wanted for half a century - written a synthesis of our knowledge of mammals which treats them as mammals. And what an exciting synthesis it is! The ordinary amateur naturalist is bound to be astonished at the remarkable discoveries about the distribution, life history and habits of our British mammals that Dr. Matthews has collected together in his book. These advances are shown, perhaps, most clearly in the case of the bats. There has been a revolution in our knowledge of the breeding-cycle of these interesting creatures, with its curious problems of delayed fertilisation and delayed implantation; and the discovery of the method by which bats navigate in the dark by means of echo-sounding, here given, at that time, its most lucid exposition in an English publication, is quite remarkable. Undoubtedly, this book stimulated a revival of British mammalogy. The subject, which has had up to now a largely hidden following, has been handicapped by the lack of a periodical devoted to mammals, and by the lack of any recent synthetical book. For instance, the only important systematic treatise on the British mammals of the present century was left unfinished nearly sixty years ago.] 
Price: 3.50 GBP
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