Malesian Orchid Journal Volume 13

By: Wood, Jeffrey J.; Lamb, Anthony; Vermuelen Jap J. (et al)

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Well illustrated, large slim 8vo, pp 128, paperback, a very good copy. [Genus Bulbophyllum here has five undescribed species named & described by Peter O’Byrne & Ong Poh Teck. From Borneo comes the attractive, new Dendrobium tanjiewhoei. Jeffrey Wood and Destario Metusala report on the discovery in southern Borneo of Dendrobium platycaulon, previously only known from the Philippines. They note that the flowers of the Borneo form are more colourful than the Philippine form. A very large number of new species are still to be expected from the eastern parts of Malesia, especially Sulawesi, Maluku and New Guinea. These islands are to this day very much under-explored botanically. In his article in this volume, Paul Ormerod estimates that 300 - 500 orchid species from New Guinea still await description. The attractive genus Paraphalaenopsis ranks with Paphiopedilum among the genera most endangered by commercial collecting in Malesia. All four species are highly sought after and are now undoubtedly very rare in the wild. They are only known from Borneo, where they are apparently confined to riverine habitats in lowland rainforest. One of the species, P. laycockii, is not even recorded from any particular locality - all the wild-collected plants of this species have so far been brought in by commercial collectors who have kept the precise origin of the species secret. Remaining in Borneo, Phillip Cribb reviews our surprisingly scant knowledge of the genus Vanilla from this island. All Vanilla species are large climbers which are not rarely encountered in the wild in suitable habitats but often when not in flower. They have very short-lived flowers that make poor herbarium specimens. As a result, the taxonomy of this genus is still unsatisfactory. In Volume 12 (2013) an incorrect version of the article Flora of Peninsular Malaysia - Cypripedioideae was printed. Here we include the proper version of this article, which is the one to be cited in future references.]

Title: Malesian Orchid Journal Volume 13

Author Name: Wood, Jeffrey J.; Lamb, Anthony; Vermuelen Jap J. (et al)

Categories: Orchids,

Publisher: Kota Kinabalu, 2014

Book Condition: New

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Keywords: ORCHIDS. ORCHIDACEAE. BORNEO. MALAYSIA. SUMATRA.THAILAND.SARAWAK. PHILIPPINES. BULBOPHYLLUM. DENDROBIUM. PHOLIDOTA. MALLEOLA.CALANTHE.ANOECTOCHILUS.bulbophyllum.dendrobium.arundina.paraphalaenopsis.vanilla.phreatia.appendicula.agrostophyllum.